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Water chillers are backbone of HVAC cooling systems.Water chiller is a refrigeration machine which produces chilled water ( Approx 7 Degree C ~ 12 Degree C). The primary function of a chiller is to lower the temperature of water to such value such that it can be used for producing cooling effect in integration with other HVAC components.

A water chiller is just like a other refrigerator machine but instead of keeping your food cool or making ice,it produces chilled water.The output of chiller is a water at lower temperature usually around about 10 degC depending upon the Chiller design. Water chillers play vital role in any HVAC systems along with other basic components. Chillers have got much attention in recent years for its new designs and performance improvement in existing designs.

New designs have resulted inhvac chiller with better efficiency and less operation and maintenance costs. Another desirable features is energy saving and precise load or capacity control for new chillers.

We see the chillers with above features in market but as engineering professionals we hope to see more with design improvements with less O & M cost. It is essential part of HVAC system to have a chiller. Chiller manufacturers have also expanded their production as well design capabilities to cater to the diversified demands of HVAC chillers.
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