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Daikin Ducted

Low Static Pressure Type (Cooling Only & Heat Pump)

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Ideal for quiet beautiful living spaces Suitable for condominiums and apartments, houses and hotels

R-410A Duct Connection Low Static Pressure Type (Heat Pump Only)

Suitable for tight ceiling spaces.

R-410A Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure Type

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Flexible use of space is made possible using duct to create a room filled with comfort.

Duct Connection Middle Static Pressure Type (Cooling only & heat pump)

Unit can be mounted in the ceiling and air can be delivered freely by duct.

Duct Connection (High Static Pressure Type FD)

AR System
Superior air distribution for comfortable living
The conditioned air can be effectively distributed to every corner of the room through the ducting and this realise a more pleasant environment for comfort living.

Compact design of built-in type helps blend with interior decor.
Indoor models are designed with compact size with twin coil structure. This design is able to provide some saving in space for installation.

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